Life is a Wild Ride and You Never Know Where Your Next Turn Will Take You!

Photo Box Designs started out by its founder Alissa Rosenberg in 2018. Alissa is a photographer, wife, mother of 2 and Speech Language Pathologist who nerds out on techie stuff. However, creating digital templates was an area that she sort of fell into by accident! Her passion for photography began in 2013 after a family trip to Europe. Since then she has been published numerous times online and in print magazines, has had her photography on covers of books, won multiple awards and has had her art displayed in Galleries across the US. She is currently an Ambassador for Sirui USA.

But life often takes you down mysterious paths when you are not even looking! In late 2017, Alissa became introduced to the concept of Box Photography and fell in love. She started the wildly popular Facebook group: Inside the Photo Box Photography and Photoshop, which has been growing at rapid speed, and the group: Portraits, Composites and Photography “outside the box”. Alissa started designing templates for her groups and realized that she had a true passion for design. As the groups grew and the store expanded, Alissa began taking on “Featured Artist” vendors to sell within her store. In 2020, smack in the middle of a pandemic, Alissa converted Photo Box Designs into a full-fledged multi-vendor marketplace.

Photo Box Designs has become the premier marketplace for photoshop templates for photographers both “inside the box” and out! Our expansive and diverse templates are designed by talented artists, photographers and graphic designers. Photo Box Designs has become a labor of love for Alissa and the rest of the artists who contribute to the site. Our motto is still “ life is a wild ride” and if you just open your mind and reach for the stars, then nothing can stop you from achieving all of your goals!