Whether you are looking to hone your portrait photography skills, photoshop abilities, learn "box photography" or understand lighting and composition, here are some of the most amazing groups for Portrait Photographers on Facebook. Why are they amazing? Because they not only help you to learn and share your skills, but they foster a sense of community!

Photoshop and Lightroom Group- this group is truly amazing! There are so many amazing resources and so much inspiration in this group. It was created by Andrew Kavanagh, a very skilled photoshop artist and teacher, is the creator of the website Photoshop and Photography His group offers free tutorials by very influential and knowledgeable teachers weekly. I know that I have personally learned A LOT in this group!

Inside the Photo Box Photography and Photoshop- disclaimer..this group was started by me (Photo Box Designs) less than 3 years ago and is now the largest Box Photography group on Facebook! They offer free tutorials and even a free box template. The community within the group is amazing! People are kind and giving of their knowledge and skills. I could not be prouder of this group!!

The Art of Children & Family Photography with Daniel Venter is a wonderful place to learn and grow! Daniel is the founder of Shoot Creative. Daniel is an immensely talented photographer and his photography style is widely recognizable. You will be amazed at all the beautiful and inspirational images you will find in this supportive community!

Mini Session Photography: Tips and Tricks is the sister group to Inside the Photo Box Photography and Photoshop. It was designed for photographers of all levels to learn, share and grow their portrait skills "outside of the box". This group offers a wonderful sense of community and allows the member to safely learn and showcase their work.

Beneath the Surface by Jen Kiaba is a wonderful place to explore your artsy side! Jen Kiaba is a highly accomplished artist who has had her work published on many book covers and has displayed her portfolio in numerous gallery exhibits and solo exhibitions. She generously shares her knowledge about the Art side of photography and helps you to explore some creative thinking while shooting. This is wonderful community as it fosters growth with a safe space to experiment!

Bonus Group! Photoshop Inspiration and Creation Group. This group just started when Covid shut down many photographers businesses and they began to explore other options to make some money while they could not go out and shoot. Thus, a group that inspires and encourages photography template designers and other photoshop creators to explore and post their creations was born! You can find some amazing inspiration within this community!

Image by Alissa Rosenberg http://www.facebook.com/photoboxdesigns

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